Advertising with Data Markup on the World Wide Web

We help you use, GoodRelations, RDFa, JSON-LD, and Microdata for talking to search engines and your customers' digital devices. Get world-class consulting, from strategy to implementation, directly from the data marketing pioneers.

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What do, RDFa, JSON-LD and HTML5 Microdata mean for our business? Do we have to reorganize our processes, databases, and back-end systems to exploit this digital marketing revolution? Hepp Research shaped the field, and based on over a decade of research, we will help you develop end-to-end strategies for optimizing the visibility of your products and services in the next generation of the Web.

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The principles of Semantic SEO are simple. The mastery of implementation is a task for experts. If you are a major e-commerce player, you should get it done by the best people in the field. With all due modesty, we can claim, that's us. After all, we designed the e-commerce data model for

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Structured data for talking to search engines, mobile apps, and browser extensions is the biggest innovation in marketing since search engines. If you are an e-commerce or SEO professional, it is high time you got a deep understanding of the underlying technology. Stop to do copy-and-paste with data markup examples without fully understanding the approach. We will turn you into Semantic SEO experts. And we will certify your qualification, of course.

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Semantic SEO and Data Marketing with and GoodRelations

Semantic SEO

Many of your potential customers decide for (or against) your business before they visit your actual Web site. They preview your information and compare with your competitors directly in the result pages of a search engine. Or they use a mobile app in their smartphone to decide on the go. Your great site design cannot influence them, because they just see a short summary extracted from your pages.
In this new world with services like Google, Facebook, or smartphone apps between your company and your potential customers, you must expose rich data about your products, services, prices, stores, etc. in a format that crawlers and browser extensions can access, so they can relay the full information.
On November 8, 2012, the four biggest search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex adopted GoodRelations, the e-commerce standard developed by our CEO Prof. Martin Hepp, and now recommend it for use in any Web page on the planet. This will make the strengths of your products visible on any device, no matter how many computers are in between to process, combine, or present the information.
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